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Over the past twenty years Ginny has worked extensively in the private sector as well as serving as an adjunct instructor and course designer for economics, marketing, management, and e-commerce at various colleges. She founded Sparkledots®, a children’s clothing company, in 2018 and realized that it was the perfect way to marry her dual interests of both small business ownership and coaching and mentoring other small business owners. 

As of 2024, a limited product selection is available for purchase via this website and Faire; we will be on FashionGo very soon!  The lineup will change weekly, so keep checking back.  We are wholesale only.  

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Let's connect! http://www.linkedin.com/in/sparkledots

For consulting and mentorship inquiries please e-mail Ginny@sparkledots.com. 

Ginny is an awkward and quirky introvert with two awkward, quirky children, and is passionate about advocating for and educating about neurodiversity. She is attempting to learn to play the ukulele in spite of her tiny T-rex arms and hands with questionable fine motor skills, and drinks a lot of coffee. She streamed Spotify music for 99,000 minutes in 2022 and 147,741 minutes in 2023, which makes us wonder what on earth is going on in that head of hers...

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Ginny lives on the New York/Connecticut border with her husband and two kids.


"It's important that we have a large selection of merchandise that our clients can choose from."  Check out Ginny's interview in the Economic Times:

"There’s no expiration date on unicorns. There’s no expiration date on flamingos or on mermaids." Check out Ginny's interview about inventory in 2022:

“We’d much rather have too much inventory than not enough." Our owner and CEO, Ginny, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal! Check out the article here: