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Ginny’s professional experience began with working for the family business, her father’s automotive aftermarket marketing and consulting firm, throughout middle and high school.  She started her first e-commerce brand, Irish Things – a dual B2B/B2C venture – in 1997, transitioning to various positions at Kohl’s, Aramark, and assorted consulting firms as a college student, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2006 and a Master’s degree in Economics from Syracuse University in 2007.  She would later return to graduate school, having completed one year of Ph.D. statistics coursework and completing the Certified Higher Education Professional certification in Online Teaching, and snatched up her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2018.

Over the past fifteen years Ginny has worked extensively in the private sector as well as serving as an adjunct instructor and course designer for economics, marketing, management, and e-commerce at various colleges. She founded Sparkledots®, a children’s clothing company, in 2018 and realized that it was the perfect way to marry her dual interests of both small business ownership and coaching and mentoring other small business owners.

Blah blah blahbidy blah now for the real juice – Ginny is woefully out of shape as a thirtysomethingyearold but actually pole vaulted as a high schooler. She was raised as a classically trained pianist and enrolled in dance programs for more than a decade, ranging from tap, jazz, and ballet to Irish step dancing. Thanks to being in the children's choir of the national off-broadway production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat twice, she is one of approximately three people worldwide who have ever heard of the color ochre. She is a certified mixologist, having managed a nightclub in New York for a stretch, and studied abroad in Puerto Rico during una huelga that shut down the campus for weeks. 

Ginny is an awkward and quirky introvert with two awkward, quirky children, and is passionate about advocating for and educating about neurodiversity. She is a lupus survivor, loves being able to work with her Mom at Sparkledots® (hi Cathy!), is attempting to learn to play the ukulele in spite of her tiny T-rex arms and hands, and drinks a lot of coffee. She streamed Spotify music for over 99,000 minutes in 2022, which makes us wonder what on earth is going on in that head of hers...

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Ginny lives on the New York/Connecticut border with her husband and two kids.


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