Terms & Conditions

By ordering from Sparkledots.com you agree to the following terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions can be changed, modified or updated at any time sparkledots.com feels necessary. 

Terms & Conditions:

*Please note that our estimated delivery date of preordered items are based on the information that we currently have; we will update items as their production status is updated by our factories. Throughout each season we will invariably have some items run ahead of schedule and others behind schedule, and we will inform our clients as soon as possible regarding any changes to inventory ETAs.

*Images of preordered items are renderings of what the finished designs will look like; once we have IRL (in real life) photographs of the finished goods from the factory we will update the website accordingly.

*Cancelled preorders are subject to a 10% service charge. Refunds will be issued in the form of Sparkledots.com store credit. 

*Any package that is rejected or returned by the customer or "returned to sender" without prior authorization from Sparkledots is subject to a 10% restocking fee.

*Any return must first be authorized by Sparkledots. Email GINNY@sparkledots.com if you wish to request a return. Please see our return policy for more details. 

*Free shipping applies to purchases of ready to ship inventory that is clearly labeled by style name on www.sparkledots.com ("Mystery" items, and any items posted through Facebook album sales and/or destash posts are not applicable).

*You may NOT allow your customers to sync to your website if you use Synclogic to sync to our site. Your Synclogic connection will be terminated immediately without warning if you violate this policy. 

*Orders that contain both RTS and PREORDER items will be subject to additional shipping fees. The shipping fees are combined at checkout explaining why shipping may seem higher than usual.

*Synclogic & Drop Ship customers are eligible to receive a $50 rebate gift card to sparkledots.com if they meet or exceed one hundred (100) Synclogic and/or drop ship orders in a period of one calendar (1) month. To receive the rebate, please email synclogic@sparkledots.com once you have met the requirements and request the rebate. (limit 1 rebate gift card per account, per month)

*You are permitted to sell the Products on websites that you own and/or operate or through Sync Logic. Sales on or through any third-party marketplace website including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Jet, Sears Marketplace or Walmart Marketplace are not permitted without prior written consent from Sparkledots, LLC. This provision will be strictly enforced. Also, in general, the following retail websites will not be approved for an account. Group Buy-Ins, websites claiming to be a "wholesale provider", websites (or brick and mortar stores) claiming merchandise is "hand made".


EFFECTIVE 04/10/21:

*Please allow one (1) week from notice of delivery of a preorder to the warehouse before the item(s) will begin to ship. Preorders will begin shipping at a rate of approximately seventy-five (75) orders per day in order of date placed (beginning with the oldest order first). Please allow adequate time to receive these items. 


EFFECTIVE 04/20/21:

Drop ship orders placed directly on the site will need to include the Sparkledots approved buyers information as the "billing address", the name and address of the person they wish to ship the item to in the "Shipping address", and the drop ship option must be checked during the checkout process for all paper marketing materials and Sparkledots logo to be removed. 

Failure to check the drop ship fee and pay the $2.50 fee may result in Sparkledots marketing materials and logos being included in the package that is shipped.

Wholesale customers that chose Drop Ship at checkout and are shipping directly to themselves will not be granted Drop Ship privileges and the $2.50 fee will not be refunded.