[3 HRS] Masterclass: [Wholesale Focus] Brand Creation & Management


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What's in a name?  Turns out, a whole lot!

This course will consist of three one hour sessions, with a focus on creating and managing a wholesale brand concept.

Session 1:  What is a Brand? and Developing Your Brand.

Session 2:  Deploying and Evaluating Your Brand

Session 3:  Strategic Brand Management

Why attend one of our masterclasses?  We have designed, sold, and manufactured over $3 million worth of children's apparel - mainly through Facebook - since we started our company a few years ago.  And beyond our professional experience, we've got a leg up on the competition in an academic sense as well - our CEO has an MBA and M.A. in economics, is an adjunct college professor of economics, management, e-commerce, and marketing - she has taught for more than 10 colleges online and seriously knows how to take information and communicate it clearly and succinctly to adults on the other side of the computer screen.

So. What are you getting by signing up for this masterclass? Within 1 business day of purchase, we will send you a three hour Zoom session, with a detailed PDF of notes AND recording sent out afterwards! 

Ginny has taught economics to thousands of online college students as an adjunct professor - verify her credentials here!