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Design Your Own Collection

Design Your Own Collection

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We will help you design and manufacture your own basic 95% polyester / 5% spandex or 95% polyester / 5% cotton dress!

What does this package include?

Short answer - we will hold your hand through the process of designing and manufacturing your chosen number of dress styles. 

  • We will have a 30 minute consultation with you to kick off the project.
  • We will help you choose between one of three dress silhouettes and one of three possible sleeve lengths.
  • We will search our extensive network of artists and portfolios to source prints for your project, and procure an extended commercial production license (average cost $40-$100, included in your package price) for that artwork to ensure legal compliance.
  • We will go back and forth with you with unlimited dress mock ups and revisions.
  • We will coordinate with the factory, freight providers, customs brokerage on your behalf.
  • When the garments arrive at our warehouse, we will inspect, steam, and professionally photograph (flat lay) one piece of each style, and send the high-resolution files to you.

What this does this package not include?

  • When you have approved the dress mock ups, you will be responsible for payment in full for the cost of the garments themselves, which will range from $8.5 to $12.5 per piece (inclusive of freight and customs fees) depending on order volume.

How many dresses do I have to purchase?

  • The minimum order is 20 dresses per style, but it is much more cost effective to produce a larger quantity.

What if I want to have my own label sewn into the dress?

  • No problem!  There will be a one time separate $99 fee to cover the cost of designing and manufacturing those labels.  Just let us know on your consulting call. 

What if I decide I'm not ready to move forward once we've gotten the mock up completed?

  • No problem!  You can walk away with full rights to the designs that we've come up with - we'll even send you a pretty portfolio of graphics for you to keep on hand should you decide to manufacture elsewhere in the future.

 Please note that we will not work design or manufacture designs that would constitute intellectual property theft.

 Our first design cohort will begin February 6, 2023!  Sign up now to reserve your spot.  Be sure to enter the Facebook Username of the individual that will be participating in this activity, and then request to join this Facebook group from that account:

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