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Let's be honest - posting a destash can really suck.  There's no guarantee anyone is ever going to buy, or even say hi. so. much. typing. BUT WHO SAYS DESTASHING HAS TO BE LIKE THAT?  Introducing DESTASH SHORTCUT!

Step 1 - Go into your Shopify Products, select the items that you'd like to destash, and export as a Plain CSV File

Step 2 - Upload a Shopify product export .csv of the products you want to destash, add Destash Shortcut to cart, and check out!

Step 3 - Within 1 business day we give you a bomb diggity tool to use - a magical Google Sheet with your data that you can then...

Step 4 - Copy and paste it into a Facebook post or comment with easy-to-read formatting for your potential buyers!

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The clients that have used Destash Shortcut so far have told us that posting their destashes now takes about a tenth of the time that they used to! 

And your satisfaction is guaranteed - if you don't think it's been worth it, let us know!