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Are you prepared to lose everything you've worked for in your FB group?  We didn't think so.  But the harsh reality is that FB has the ability to shut down your private group for a variety of reasons; and even if you didn't do anything wrong, it could take months to sort it all out.  This is why we highly recommend having a backup of your FB group member (customer) list!

What exactly am I getting?

One of our staff members will briefly join your Facebook group and extract your Member list; we'll do some spreadsheet work and return a pretty list of your Facebook group members along with their profile links so you have a backup list of customers should something ever happen to your Facebook group.

Wait does that I have to give you special access to something?

Not at all!  We only need to hop into your Facebook group. No admin or moderator access required, and once we deliver your report we will wipe any record of that data (that anyone in your Facebook group currently has access to).

So why can't I just do this myself?

The information saved in your Facebook Member list is gobbledygook that only works within your Facebook group. If your group disappears, those links break. 

Oh. So how does Sparkledots® help me here?

We did some computer programming to figure out how to translate the gobbledygook into something that actually works!  Time is money - do you want to spend 20+ hours doing this yourself?