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Who are your most engaged members?  What times and days of the week do you get the most interaction?  How has your group performed over the past year?

All the questions and more, answered via our Community Writeup!  

What's in our toolbox: 

  • Street smarts: Several years preparing reports for the C-suite at the world's largest hedge fund, teaching adults at more than a dozen colleges, and more than a decade of experience in the social selling world.
  • Book smarts: An MBA, an M.A. in economics, a B.S. in business administration, and a year's worth of completed Ph.D. level statistics work.  Also we played a mean game of Number Munchers on primitive Apple II models back in the early 90s.

Bottom line - we're really, really good at telling the story behind the data.  Within 1 week, we'll deliver a video analysis and/or comprehensive report outlining everything you never realized you needed to know about your FB group. We promise you won't be disappointed - or we'll refund your purchase!

What we'll cover for YOUR group specifically:

  • ENGAGEMENT - posts, comments, and reactions!
  • ENGAGEMENT - active membership
  • ENGAGEMENT - ideal engagement days and times
  • GROWTH - group membership and membership requests